Product Lines

Complete line of turf irrigation products from gear driven rotors to battery operated solinoid valves, pop up 2"-12" spray heads, control timers for turf and agricultural installations.

Submersible, Jet, Self priming centrifugal, Sump pumps, Irrigation water pumps-They got em all.

Top of the line, home grown, low volume irrigation manufacturing. Misters, Drip emitters, Mini sprinklers, What a great company!

Anything to do with great pvc, cpvc, composite- fittings, valves, sch 40, sch 80 speciality molded and fabricated parts for the irrigation industry.

An omnipresent impact line backed up by any number of accessories for nursery, grove or crop irrigation. Wobblers, impact sprinklers, pressure regulators and reuse spray field heads.

Florida drought monitor:,SE/

Great technology Great products Water sensors that help you schedule efficient water use.

Square D pressure switches, pressure relief valves, well seals, pressure guages, gear clamps.

Truck at the WQA Chemical pumps that inject at adjustable or fixed rates for home or business. /

Single and double wall drainage pipe and fitting, drainage structures made to order.

Tufftite drainage boxes 12"x12"=$29.50

effluent filter@same


Rps=Gear driven rotor

Aquarius Brands